Dancer Friday, Mar 27 2009 


A light of swirling sultry sensation
marks her way with steps and beats
Tempting to those to follow
who could only fall,
Flat faced
At her feet.

Swing with the rhythm, dancer sing to your own,
mobs of great greasy hands gripping and grabbing
In vain.
they will not catch the lingering light
they are out of step, they are out of time.

Wrap yourself in rhythm,
Beat your heels to the ground
Spin the storm inside your skin
Build your bridge of woven sound

step down, step down,
dancer, twirl your clouds about you
no neon lights to reveal and blind you

your way is woven in wiry streets
marked by steps,
your steps your beats.

Where shadows stalk your winding ways,
Swiftly, softly, Dance away.


Joe Friday, Mar 27 2009 


G.I. Joe temporarily forgotten

next to the pot

of boiling ramen

eyes migrating to the

tip of his nose

his rifle becoming all the more useless

for being half in his hand and

half on his boot.

His brothers in a bucket can smell

the cauterization of fresh green plastic,

vapors adding a distinct spice

to the noodles.